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A Photo album of Christos Simatos “Castellorizo, where time stops”. It is an aesthetically outstanding collection of Castellorizo’s landscape photos, with the aim of highlighting the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the island. As the artist mentions in the photographic album : “Whether you see the sunrise appearing above the mountains of Lycia that are so close, or the sunset behind the islet of Ro, or the doors and alleys you encounter on the lonely walks, everything here is effortless and calm. Castellorizo is unique if you surrender yourself to its peacefulness. And then you will inevitably get lost in the beauty of the island and you will travel within yourself. It is a journey of self-knowledge that you have to go to Castellorizo to experience it.” Christos Simatos is an artist, he has studied at the Athens School of Arts and his completed the Postgraduate Course in Fine Arts of the ASFA. He has presented his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions.